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Outpatient Treatment Program
in Santa Ana

Here’s a shocker: most people assume that mental health treatments involve a psychiatric hospital or a therapist’s office. What they don’t know is that there are structured mental health treatment programs that provide an intermediate level of care. These treatment programs can be valuable in managing mental illness.

Many people start their mental health recovery in a residential rehabilitation program. In these cases, patients might live in the same facility where they receive care under these treatment options. It’s, however, important that patients understand their options.
Partial Hospitalization Programs(PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are standard programs for mental health treatment. But what do these programs entail? Who are they designed for, and how do they work? Let’s take a look.

Our Outpatient Mental Health Program

An outpatient program is one of the various outpatient therapy options offered to mental health patients in recovery. Our regular outpatient program is our lowest level of care offered, meant for patients who have gone through IOP and PHP, or who do not need more intensive treatment options. When we consider treating someone in our outpatient program, we look to their visible symptoms to decide if they are under control or if the patient would be better suited for IOP/PHP.

Our outpatient offers medical and psychological assistance to patients. Because it’s our lowest level of care, our outpatient requires little time investment on the patient’s behalf. This allows our patients to continue with their regular lives and activities, such as working or raising children.

Treatment sessions in IOPs include:

How Does Our Outpatient Work?

In our outpatient program, patients are welcome to come in only once to a couple of times per week. We treat patients on a case-by-case basis, so more severe diagnoses will require more hours at our outpatient. This means that sessions vary as the patient recovers and improves, as well.

We only treat patients through our outpatient program for as long as they need us. This can mean that a patient is in our outpatient for longer than our PHP and IOP. Nonetheless, this does not influence the program’s efficiency.

Our outpatient can provide:

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Who Needs Our Mental Health Treatment?

Our outpatient program in Santa Ana is frequently used as the following step. It can also be used as a prophylactic step before a person requires a higher level of care.

This program is advised for people who do not satisfy the diagnostic requirements for inpatient therapy. These patients also have moderate to mild mental health problems. Often, IOPs are also recommended for people who want to resume their daily routine.

In general, these people are:

PRO TIP: It is critical to be realistic about your mental and emotional necessities and how well you can manage them.

Conditions We Treat

Our Santa Ana outpatient program is ideal for handling moderate to mild conditions. For patients who struggle with more severe mental health issues, we would normally recommend them to our intensive outpatient program, or our partial hospitalization program.

Our outpatient has proven successful at handling the following mental health conditions:

Modalities We Use in Our Outpatient

Not every person who comes to our outpatient in Santa Ana will require the same type of treatment. This is why we employ different techniques for different patients.

Some will respond better to regular sessions of cognitive-behavioral therapy, while others will need more insightful sessions of dialectical behavior therapy.

At Moment of Clarity, here are some of the modalities we use in our outpatient treatment program:

Is Our Mental Health Outpatient Right for You?

The process of choosing the best treatment program can be extremely perplexing.

Sometimes, it is not easy to know when or how to start treatment. Therefore, there are a few things that patients need to know before choosing a program.

There are both short and lengthy program choices available. Short-term programs will last at least 30 days. Depending on the treatment context and the complexity of the patient’s mental health, long-term alternatives can range from 90 to even 200 days.

Treatment can be paid for in a variety of ways. Mental and behavioral health therapies are considered essential health benefits. Therefore, insurance companies must cover them.

In addition, a patient’s lifestyle impacts the type of treatment program that would best suit them. This includes the mental state patients are in. Additional day-to-day considerations should also be a factor. These considerations include lifestyle, the need to work, study, or care for family members, etc.

Take a Moment of Clarity

Mental Health is a critical subject and aspect that everyone should handle with the utmost importance and urgency. Trust that you are not alone in your struggles. Many treatment options and programs have been tested and proven effective for mental health patients. We understand that you have a lot to consider when determining which treatment plan is right for your needs.

Moment of Clarity is an outpatient mental health treatment center serving the great people of Orange County, California. If you need mental health assistance or know someone in need of mental health assistance, our line is always open. Contact us today and let us walk with you throughout your recovery journey. We all deserve a moment of clarity!

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