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The stigma around mental health disorders is finally beginning to lift. More and more people in society are becoming aware of how common mental health disorders are. Most people either know someone suffering from a mental health disorder or suffer from a disorder themselves. Whether a person is suffering from depression, anxiety, or substance abuse, we offer treatment in the Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, and Irvine areas.

Fortunately, managing mental health conditions is now possible through a variety of treatment approaches. By understanding the treatment types and disorders commonly treated by professionals, people can make decisions based on their personal needs. Through treatment and therapy, people suffering from mental health disorders may find long-term solutions to their struggles.

Therapy Types We Use

Intensive Psychotherapy

Many people seek the help of a therapist or treatment center when they realize their mental health is out of control. They may have delayed their visit to a therapist for a number of reasons.

Some people may have thought that they did not personally need this type of treatment. Others may have neglected psychotherapy because of the stigma surrounding emotional and behavioral disorders. Therefore, it is quite common for therapists to meet with patients when they are at a point of desperation. 

Intensive psychotherapy may be the route that is used on these types of patients. Intensive psychotherapy involves:

The purpose of adding all of these extra sessions is to attempt to get to the root of the problems faster. Working on those deep-rooted issues is exactly what some patients need. Patients who are able to work through these issues can identify patterns that contribute to their mental health.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Past experiences impact future behaviors. Often, the things that we do are subconscious responses to events that took place earlier in our lives. It is typical for people to react negatively when they have experienced a particularly damaging experience in their lifetime. That is why psychodynamic therapy seeks to unearth the reasons why certain behaviors are being exhibited today. 


Contributors to our subconscious behaviors may include:

These, and many other factors may play a major role in how someone adapts to their current environment. They may also contribute to the development of mental illness in certain cases, and that should be noted as well. After all, there are building blocks that lead up to someone developing mental illness in most cases.

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

The use of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been accredited by the American Psychological Association. It is understood that (CBT) has significant benefits for many patients who undergo this type of treatment.

Many mental health professionals suggest using CBT as a way to address negative thinking patterns that cause a patient distress. There is a consensus among the professional community that CBT is successful in reframing patterns of thinking and feeling.

Disorders Treated at Our Santa Ana Mental Health Facility

It is important to note that not every kind of therapy is right for each individual. There are special circumstances to every case, and some people may respond better to certain types of therapy than others. All of that said, there are several key disorders that have been treated via psychotherapy.

Human beings feel down about things happening in their life from time to time, which is completely normal. What is not normal is for a prolonged period of exhaustion, sadness, and low energy to become one’s default state. When this occurs, then one may be dealing with full-blown depression. Depression of this nature can and should be treated by a mental health professional. 

Depression is a serious mental disorder that can lead to major negative consequences that no one desires in their life. Unfortunately, the World Health Organization estimates that approximately 5% of all adults are impacted by depression. There is help for those people though, and it often comes in the form of the therapies described above.

This issue is defined by rapid mood swings between states of mind known as mania and depression. When someone finds themselves quickly fluctuating between these two states, they may have a chemical imbalance that is causing bipolar disorder. 

Medication may be necessary for addition to psychotherapy.  However, in some cases, the therapy itself can also be extremely useful for someone suffering from bipolar disorder. The ability to regulate their moods is critical to their day-to-day functioning in society. The good news is that psychotherapy can help these individuals begin their journey to a healthy and normal life.


Patients impacted by seasonal affective disorder (SAD) may experience symptoms similar to depression during certain types of the year. This typically occurs in the winter when they are exposed to less sunlight. This is a real disorder that impacts people for certain periods of the year before dissipating as the season changes. They may benefit greatly from speaking with mental health professionals as they experience depressive symptoms during challenging seasons.


It is evident that psychotherapy works for those who actively seek therapeutic solutions to their emotional and behavioral disorders. Individual psychotherapy can be extremely impactful on the lives of people who need this kind of support. If you or someone you love is struggling with mental health issues, Moment of Clarity is here to help. 

We take special care to tailor treatment plans to fit your unique needs. Through using evidence-based therapeutic approaches, we are able to support your mental health concerns. Our trained professionals are available to help determine what type of psychotherapy is right for you. 

Start your journey to mental health today and contact us for an initial assessment. 

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