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Autism Treatment Program
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What Causes Autism to Occur?

No one is entirely certain what causes autism to occur. There are, however, some things that may increase the risk of an autism spectrum disorder. Autism spectrum disorder typically appears in the early years, with symptoms showing in early toddlerhood, but many patients do not receive a diagnosis until adulthood.

Factors that may increase the risk of developing autism may include:

Some environmental factors may also contribute to the risk of developing autism. However, studies have not yet conclusively proven what factors likely contribute to those disorders.

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Autism Treatment with Moment of Clarity

Moment of Clarity is the center of mental health treatment in Orange County. We offer several programs that can help patients manage symptoms of autism. Our approach to evidence-based treatment helps people manage their challenging behaviors linked to autism. 

Anxiety Treatment

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Many patients with autism suffer from higher levels of anxiety. Anxiety treatment can help patients learn how to manage those symptoms more effectively, which can make it easier for them to live fuller, more active lives. Patients may learn how to identify the things that cause anxiety, situations more likely to cause anxiety, and how to find a safe space or create a better feeling of safety when dealing with those symptoms.
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Cognitive behavioral therapy helps identify damaging thought patterns and restructure them to create more positive outcomes. For patients with autism, cognitive behavioral therapy may provide them with the tools needed to help interact more effectively with others, improve social connections, and more.
Through Cognitive behavioral therapycognitive behavioral therapy, many patients with autism develop a better overall understanding of the connection between their thoughts and their behaviors. As a result, they can better understand both the way they react to specific situations and how, in many cases, they can control those reactions for more positive outcomes. Cognitive behavioral therapy can also help patients identify potential triggers or challenges and, in many cases, how to move through them.
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Trauma-Informed Treatment and Therapy

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Patients with autism spectrum disorder have a higher rate of suffering from trauma, including PTSD, than members of the general population. Trauma treatment, can help patients move on from those symptoms more effectively, which may put them in a better position to live more fulfilling lives. At Moment of Clarity, patients can also receive PTSD therapy, to help them cope with the trauma they may have experienced and their response to it.
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Group Therapy

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Frequently, interacting with others provides patients with the information they need to trust that they aren't alone. At Moment of Clarity, we offer group therapy sessions that can help patients with autism connect with others like them in a safe, secure setting where they can discuss the issues they may be facing and connect. Group therapy is also a great way to work through issues with others who may have experienced them before, to share insights, and to improve coping mechanisms for many patients.
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Why You Should Come to Our Outpatient

At Moment of Clarity, we offer outpatient treatment options, as well as temporary housing for those who need somewhere to stay while in treatment. Our mission is to help people struggling with mental health issues become more acclimated into society.

So many treatment centers might push a patient out after treatment, but at Moment of Clarity, we make sure that the patient is ready to transition to living on their own. Our professional staff is always ready to assist our patients with whatever their needs are. We always encourage our patients to engage in different therapy sessions.

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If you are looking for a mental health treatment that can help you cope with the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, Moment of Clarity can help. We offer a variety of mental health treatment programs, including treatment that can help address the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder and provide many patients with better outcomes and allow them to live a fuller, more happy life.

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