Intensive Care Without the Stay: Exploring IOP Treatment in San Diego

Intensive Care Without the Stay: Exploring IOP Treatment in San Diego

An IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) treatment plan is less intrusive than inpatient care or a partial hospitalization program because it can be scheduled to minimize disruption to your lifestyle. You will still have full access to all evidence-based treatments on a customizable schedule. Most IOP Treatment in San Diego, begin with a 30-day commitment, but when working with your therapists, you may find that a longer-term program lasting 90-200 days may help you reach your treatment goals and meet your needs better.

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What is IOP? An Overview of Intensive Outpatient Programs

When you think about getting help for a mental health disorder like anxiety, PTSD, or treatment for bipolar disorder, do you imagine long-term hospital stays and hours inside a stuffy therapist’s office, laying on a couch and confessing your darkest secrets? While some people’s treatments may involve time in a psychiatric care facility and one-on-one therapy sessions, there are many different mental health programs available. Depending on your unique needs, you may be better suited to an intermediate level of care, in which you can still live at home and go to work as usual, while taking the important steps toward managing your mental illness. 

The Advantages of IOP Treatment in San Diego

One of the main advantages of choosing IOP treatment in San Diego is the program’s flexibility. IOPs provide a good balance between access to evidence-based therapy and your daily life. You won’t have to take a leave from work, find long-term child care, or leave college to get the necessary treatment. Working on stress management and mental health while living your life normally will give you opportunities to use your new coping skills in day-to-day situations, and then talk about what happened during your next therapy session.  

If you’re not experiencing acute danger or severely distressing symptoms, but still need regular support and care from licensed and experienced mental health professionals, an IOP might be right for you. 

IOP treatment plans are one of the most popular levels of care because it will help alleviate symptoms of mental health disorders, treat causes and core issues, and address unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, making long-term recovery easier to achieve. There’s no pressure, and IOP can last as long as you need. The aim is to improve your quality of life, and we can do so with an IOP while respecting your other important responsibilities. 

Moment of Clarity’s IOP Treatment Approach in San Diego

For mental health care, a comprehensive, customized care plan is always best, which is why at Moment of Clarity we use different treatments for different patients. These may include:

Our IOP clinics are managed by physicians, which allows us to provide medical and psychological assistance, including medication management when necessary. Our programs are built upon a foundation of evidence-based care, which has been scientifically proven effective, with additional stress-reduction techniques offered for a holistic approach that addresses the body-mind connection. 

Incorporating Evidence-Based Practices in IOP Treatment in San Diego

The use of evidence-based practices in mental health care is essential. You cannot treat serious psychiatric disorders and behavioral health issues with holistic or alternative methods alone. At Moment of Clarity, our evidence-based, peer-reviewed modalities include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 

CBT allows individuals to work with therapists to identify and heal the root causes of their psychological and social problems. By identifying underlying issues, discussing the connection between thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, and finding healthy coping mechanisms, therapists can help patients actively work on overcoming difficult issues. 

CBT is used to effectively treat a variety of mental health disorders, including anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, substance use disorders, phobias, schizophrenia, and more. In most cases, it works by following these three steps:

  1. Determining the problem – therapists and patients talk about what CBT is and what to expect, while the patient talks about the problems they want to overcome. This step is crucial, as it gets the therapist and patient on the same page and ensures they work well together. 
  2. Identifying dysfunctional thought patterns – finding thought patterns that are unhelpful or negative, and then working to change these patterns into positives is a big part of CBT. By changing how we think, we can change our actions and the way we feel. 
  3. Rewiring thought patterns – Switching out dysfunctional thought patterns for positive ones can be more difficult than it sounds, but by examining emotional wounds, trying new ways of thinking and behaving, and putting in the work, patients can heal.


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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Four Pillars:

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that incorporates mindfulness and communication skills and has been proven effective in treating mood disorders, borderline personality disorder, impulse control disorders, and eating disorders. The four pillars of DBT are:

1-Mindfulness –  When boiled down to its essence, mindfulness means being present, in the here and now without judgment. A person who is being mindful can observe their thoughts, emotions, and impulses without acting upon them. A therapist will help the patient better understand their needs and use healthy coping skills to relate to difficult emotions, rather than ruminating or acting impulsively. They will also learn to recognize and enjoy inner peace and joy. 

 2. Distress Tolerance –  Distress tolerance teaches patients more effective ways to handle everyday stress while helping them see difficult situations differently. Skills like self-soothing, distraction, and improving the moment can help them see life more optimistically. 

3. Emotional Regulation – Emotional regulation is an important skill that helps patients learn to accept their emotions without being consumed by them. Rather than suppressing negativity and trauma, it validates difficult emotions, while teaching how to prevent distress and explosive reactions. These skills help patients get through difficult times without being overwhelmed by emotion.

4. Social Effectiveness –  Being socially effective means learning to communicate, express your needs, and grow healthy relationships. Patients learn to see things from others’ perspectives, stick to their values, and be fair to themselves and others. They may learn negotiation skills, better self-confidence, and assertiveness, so they are better able to cultivate satisfying relationships with others. 

Why Choose San Diego for Your IOP Journey?

Along with being a beautiful West Coast city close to nature, San Diego has a lot to offer those seeking mental health treatments. Some helpful resources include:

  • The San Diego Access and Crisis line (1-888-724-7240) offers free counseling and community resources, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The National Alliance on Mental Health Helpline (1-800-523-5933) has volunteers and peer support specialists who can connect you to support groups and other helpful resources
  • The Veterans Crisis Line (1-800-273-8255) can connect veterans with qualified responders from the DVA 
  • There are also countless mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and peer support groups available throughout the city

If your needs exceed what a mindfulness seminar can provide, call us at Moment of Clarity. We have multiple levels of specialized outpatient care available at our San Diego location, including:

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  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) –  a structured day program that operates 5 days a week, without overnight stays, offering comprehensive, extensive therapy sessions throughout the day
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) – Therapy sessions are offered several times throughout the week, emphasizing practical skill-building and mental health management 
  • Outpatient Program – The most flexible of our programs, allowing therapy to be scheduled when it best works for you, around your work and personal commitments. Outpatient programs are for those who want ongoing support as they work to use new coping skills in their daily lives, usually after completing a more intensive inpatient or outpatient program

In any of these programs, you may have access to individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, CBT, mindfulness and stress reduction programming, and flexible teletherapy sessions. Each patient’s program is designed in a way that will best suit their needs.

Getting Started with IOP Treatment at Moment of Clarity in San Diego

At Moment of Clarity, we know that each person we speak to has unique needs, and we take care to get to know each patient as an individual. The root causes of mental health disorders may be due to biological, social, psychological, and behavioral health issues. Trauma, emotional pain, substance abuse, and other problems may also be part of the equation, so we take care to understand where a person is coming from, and what their needs are, before starting treatment. Your first appointment will be like an interview, where we determine what your needs are, and collaborate with you on the next steps. When you first contact Moment of Clarity for IOP treatment in San Diego, we’ll let you know what to expect. Give us a call today to get started. 


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Supporting Your IOP Treatment Journey in San Diego

In an IOP at Moment of Clarity mental health treatment, you can access programming including behavioral health treatments, trauma-informed care, and group therapy sessions. We know that your mental health is interconnected with your physical health, as well as your emotional and social well-being, so we take a trauma-informed, holistic approach to care that acknowledges your life experiences. We’ll work to gain your trust and avoid re-traumatization through respectful, compassionate, culturally competent communication.

After IOP, there are further support options, including our ongoing outpatient program, which keeps you connected to medical and psychiatric care for as long as you need it. If you or a loved one needs continuing care or connection to community resources, or you want more information about Moment of Clarity’s intensive outpatient program, please call us at 949-625-0564. We’re more than happy to walk you through the steps and get you started on your road to recovery.


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Dr. Girgis serves as Moment of Clarity’s medical director and is a triple board-certified psychiatrist.

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