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Moment of Clarity: Individual Psychotherapy for Mental Health Disorders

Psychotherapy is an effective type of treatment for a wide variety of mental health conditions, which can alleviate symptoms while identifying the underlying psychological, social, and behavioral issues that may be causing the condition. It can help you cope with life’s difficult events, emotional pain, trauma, and specific mental illnesses as well, like anxiety disorders or depression. Individual psychotherapy in California is most effective when used in a comprehensive treatment plan that includes other types of therapy, holistic options, and prescription medications. 

If you’re looking for a way to manage your mental health conditions but aren’t sure where to start, you may want to consider Moment of Clarity’s individual psychotherapy in California. Through evidence-based mental health treatment, we may be able to provide you with the healthy coping tools and skills you need to resolve your struggles and improve your quality of life in the long term.


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Understanding Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy in California is a common type of therapy and what you picture when you think of mental health care. It’s the process of meeting with a therapist or counselor one-on-one to talk about problems, stressful situations, and anything else that might affect the quality of your daily life. Depending on the type of therapy, you might work on processing events from your past or focus more on practical skills you can use in the future. 

With your therapist, you’ll work to identify goals you want to reach and the steps needed to get there. You’ll gain healthy coping mechanisms and insight into yourself while learning healthy ways to process emotions. Many people find that one-on-one therapy improves their self-esteem, self-awareness, and other positive feelings. Therapists can help you find your blind spots, discover inner strength, understand your thoughts and behaviors, and make positive changes.

Individual Psychotherapy Treatment in California
Individual Psychotherapy Treatment in California

Mental Health Conditions We Treat

At Moment of Clarity, we offer individualized programming that can be molded to suit anybody’s requirements. We treat mental health conditions like anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression, trauma, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and eating disorders, amongst other conditions. No matter what symptoms you are experiencing, you can call us to schedule an assessment. Our team will guide you to create a custom outpatient mental health treatment plan to help relieve your symptoms and give you the tools to continue discovery and healing for the rest of your life.

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A Look at Intensive Psychotherapy

Intensive psychotherapy is what it’s called when you receive a condensed amount of therapy in a short period. At Moment of Clarity, we offer intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), and other outpatient programs that can run anywhere from full days to a few hours per week and feature psychotherapy, along with other types of treatments. This is the best option for people who have neglected their mental health to the point where they feel lost, desperate, or out of control.

With intensive psychotherapy, you will have multiple sessions over a short period, which will give you the support you need to make rapid, deep life changes, understand the roots of your issues, and start working toward changing unhelpful thought patterns and behaviors.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy is the type of therapy that looks at your past experiences and how they’re affecting you now and will continue to color your future experiences. During this type of individual psychotherapy in California, you may examine subconscious responses to childhood traumatic experiences, triggers, and your most personal relationships with family and friends. Once you’ve identified the underlying issues, you will then be able to gain more control over your responses and your mental health.


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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is used to identify and address negative thinking patterns and behaviors that may cause distress or emotional pain. Challenging negative thoughts and consciously changing behaviors can affect how you feel about yourself and the world around you. This type of talk therapy can be delivered in an individual or group setting, as it teaches a set of practical skills you can use to identify the root causes of mental health issues, reframe how you think, and cope with difficult emotions in healthier ways. 

CBT has been proven to be effective in treating numerous mental health disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and phobias, and can also help with low self-esteem and relationship or marital conflicts.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is a cognitive-behavioral therapy that focuses on mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and effective communication to help people deal with stress. The purpose of DBT is to help people accept their life circumstances and cultivate meaningful relationships while making the necessary changes to better their lives and their feelings.

Dialectical means “to act with opposing forces,” which means that in the case of dialectical behavior therapy, you will be learning to adjust to how things are while working to change them. Acceptance can reduce stress, but so can changing dysfunctional behaviors. Together, these opposing factors work to achieve positive mental health results. 

Mindfulness skills teach you to be present, with full awareness, of what is currently happening while noticing your emotions and thoughts without judgment. Distress tolerance skills help you better relate to intense emotions and stress rather than avoid them. 

DBT also teaches you how to fairly identify and honor your own needs and how to have your needs met by others. You’ll gain new interpersonal skills and understand more about building healthy, reciprocal relationships based on respect and positive emotions.

How to Get Started with Therapy in California

If you’re ready to start individual psychotherapy in California, call Moment of Clarity at 949-625-0564 for an initial assessment. Our team is here to help you with your emotional or behavioral disorder today in a comprehensive, customized treatment plan that incorporates multiple types of treatment. Depending on your unique needs, we may recommend an inpatient or an outpatient program so we can best support your mental health diagnosis and help you meet your recovery goals. We are available and ready to start you on the path to better mental health.

Why Choose Moment of Clarity for Individual Psychotherapy in California?

At Moment of Clarity, we tailor each person’s treatment plan to suit their needs best. For example, suppose you’re having a serious mental health crisis due to severe depression. In that case, we may recommend staying in residential treatment for 30 days, with intensive individual psychotherapy in California, CBT, prescription medication, and other treatments that will help you through your emotional pain, promote healthy living, and reduce the symptoms of depression. On the other hand, if you are simply finding that you’re having an increasingly difficult time during social events and wonder if you have a form of anxiety, we can create a treatment plan on an outpatient basis designed to address your unique needs. At the same time, you continue to live at home and go to work or school. 

With our help, through individual psychotherapy in California, you may notice an improvement in the quality of your life as you receive the right types of support, care, and medications you need for your mental health disorder. We can help you thrive on your terms and meet your recovery goals, one step at a time. Call 949-625-0564 today to get started.

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We Accept Most PPO Insurance Policies

All calls and submitted forms are 100% confidential. Insurance could completely cover the cost of treatment
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